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opening was closed by the galvanic cautery ; but neither was
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of chronic meningitis and softening. In one case now in the
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evaporating to dryness, and heating cautiously till fusion. The
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anything definite as to the average increased longevity
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The discussion of the effect of sexual excesses on hyper-
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occasions, with the hope that it would go back; but, as it did not, he
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Repr. from: Eeal-Encycl. d. ges. Heilk., 2. Aufl., Wieu,
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light out of many faces. .Meanness and cunning marked
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drew up his legs and felt a sharp pain in the left knee.
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able to occur alone, but Avould ahvays be merged in a more general
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rical and pyramidal eminences, in the centre of which there is
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is not as rare as the literature would indicate; the Mayo Clinic
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Staton, Younger Alexander, sp, Lexington, Ky. A.B. (U. of Kentucky) '29.
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also would have reduced the role of the state Society and eliminated the possibility of
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the reason for the success of this therapeutic measure becomes evident: ERTRON
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^"Po's^sibl^ H :Sfomrsuch rhabdite that O'Neil saw m craw-cra;v
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Pathology.— If the above organism is proved to be the cause 01
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but, for my own part, I select and depend upon the mineral rather than
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both Wilks (*^) and Pepper (*^), though these observers merely
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gall-bladder should be operated on ; also cases of em-
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of convulsive tic. Diseases occurring in infancy may, however, account
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paralysis, monoplegia, or hemiplegia of this temporaiy kind is common
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cured have subsequently returned with the- disease as in-
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examination of such a husband, and particularly whether he is able to