bad example ; the contagion of fear, etc. ; when we refer to

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Exp. 5. To decreasing amounts of M-piece diluted y^ with 0-85 %

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Mr. Wilkinson said there was ti form of very slow growinj^ osteo-sarcoma

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crude sewage to land, making it serve as food for crops, the principal

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rule must be a bad one, and that the power it gives might

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cc. Instead of growing diffusely with a uniform turbidity, as was

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Of course sex has a very strong appeal, particularly to

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in connection with the insulin treatment of these cases.

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gravures of the latter affection showing the condition before and

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and the executive secretary. . . . Particular commendation

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Crandall, R. p., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from

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that the patient would have been able to eat with impunity as

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•oscillate between a state of contraction and one of dilatation. Dr Reynolds

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life, like the corresponding structures in the female sex, and in the large

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Guards and Dragoons serving in Great Britain, only 286 were

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microbe or organic cell are to be found in the urine

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ties for the support of offensive operations. A base area is often

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confinement in cowsheds ; and of cows which die in calving, the fore quarters

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times obstinate constipation seems to be the immediate exciting cause. But

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of the pain sense, the painful after-sensation, and the repetition of a

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dirt, in every form, to be a strong predisposing cause of fever, but that it

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hepatitis. In the excretory ducts, large calculi either cause ulceration

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He regarded the well-known fact that the disease was

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experience, tend ,to disprove the possibility of such a procedure, but re-.

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able duration. Duroziez (quoted by Pitt) considers that the

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A Brief Consideration of the Behavior of the Bladder Function in Various

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and thorough examination of family and personal history and

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tralblatt there is the abstract of a curious case recorded by Dr. Oldenburg.

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granting that the disease has not existed lowed albumin water, one part of predi-

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collection of animal matter. The ultimate divisions of air-

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antitoxin upon the heart, but there are some who have observed

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the tibia. Ho should think that probably a nerve-lesion existed,

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conditions which «n author wishes complied with must be distinctly

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and the school which has rejected the unqualified student bas accom-

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cultivated, and animals were fed, and in some cases

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exterior of the skull, say the tympanum, or whether there is no such