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of palliative value in fifty cases of anaesthetic leprosy. Donovan'' re-

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of repletion which often proves fatal. Some kinds of hay,

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little slit-shaped openings common to the two. Some of them seemed to me to

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in severe ones, while an average of 100 cases made by a distin-

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subjects, has become a specialist of no ordinary character ; and his

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fully what he calls the hidden forces of nature, and to pay

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seventy years of age, who for a long time suffered only

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ology — Division into General and Special Pathology— Nomenclature of Diseases — Subdivi-

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* Read before the Section in Neurology of the New York Academy

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in diameter; externally pale yellowish-brown, internally

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appeared in this number of The Journal of Experimental Medicine.

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the lithiasis, litbia is the best uric acid solvent,

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metres in length by o"9 millimetre in breadth. It may be a Clonorchis or an

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proportions would be found, as neaidy as possible, two of acid to one of the

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walls little granulations occur which are really the heads of

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recent death of three persons from heart disease while

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by selling the " Hughes' Acid Phosphate," so called,

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cases of this kind in so short a time. In each of these there

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marks to the origin or non-origin of the disease in

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borne out by the general facts on record having a bearing upon the etiology

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state of nausea by vin. antin. in frequent doses j this invariably

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count of its insolubility. Its effects in neuralgia are not yet suflS-

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pendix in the Interval of Attacks," by S. C. Gordon, M.D.,

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much better not to possibly irritate the intestines by too-

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is well enough to indulge in our love feast with our legs under