Terms applied to disorders that probably represent chronic fatigue syndrome arc chronic infectious mononucleosis, myalgic encephalomyelitis, idiopathic chronic fatigue and myalgia syndrome, epidemic neuromyasthenia, postviral The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made a major advance by recommending a working case definition: the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is restricted to mg patients with fatigue that occurs abruptly, is present for more than six systemic, neurologic, or psychiatric illness that could otherwise explain the symptom complex. (il) Kithcr a coarse diet, which h'aves too luiich residue, ur a dii't whit'h leaves too little, may l)e a uk cause of costiveness. It is usually encountered after the fortieth year, most frequently between the fiftieth and seventieth years, although Freyer reports a case in a youth of seventeen years: buy.

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