and respiratory diseases have been prevailing. One school
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years of age, leaving 18,747,460 persons over that age. Now,
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during IsM was 32,5, as against 310 in ISiil, Among tUese there were 3ii
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That Dr. Reid be cordially thanked for the great pains he has taken in
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between three other charities and the Hospital for Sick
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me. He ceased to work in the pit a year ago owing to
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of gonorrho>ar Origin), the inflammation often extending to
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actinomyees might still exist with this, the pigmented sub-
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epileptic ; 234 were feeble-minded ; and 817 required special
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mortality the question always remains to be answered with
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of the Police and Sanitary ("Committee ; and Messrs. Horoby, Diamond,
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along the branches of the ophthalmic division of the fifth nerve. On
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Health for the Matlock-Bath Urban Sanitary District.
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figured is stated in some detail. This is preceded by a short
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Halton, 12 in Alkborough, 7 in Whitton, and 1 in Coleby. The only deaths
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rates 2o.ij iu Paisley and I'o a iu Glasgow. The 639 dtt-ths in these towns
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Mr. T. A. H. Dodd, Bournemouth; Dr. C. Dukes, Rugby; Dr. P. J.
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wave, caused great devastation upon the Peruvian coasts, and amongst
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death, and also do away with any suspicion of partiality.
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the result that all present (some 1.5 males) contracted the disease ; hence
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bowels, extreme thirst, high temperature, headache, and dry
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It may be well to uo'e, moreover, that duilng the progress of the case
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cation for good of the Church's parochial system, which secured for every
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tude in the public shrines of philanthropy, without attempt-
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mitted to retire from the service from March 1st. He was appointed
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the provinces last week are not of a very reassuring nature.
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its operations, and the funds are increasing steadily. During
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tection ar/ainst death afforded by vaccination, the results are
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costal muscles, and with a periosteal elevator to peel the
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tise. He was a practitioner in Fife, and his candidature was