fragments is often impossible to diagnose. We apparently reduce the fracture,

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constituents of Cod Liver Oil, derived from the liver of the cod. It also con-

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which form the prefence of that earth is more eafily determined.

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method might be useful in diagnosis and valuable in therapeusis.

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into the hospital on Friday in a state of intoxication.

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May 10: Rabbit 19 died. There was slight congestion of brain; extensive

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three of the persons with blood from a patient with quartan fever,

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claims for damages resulting from purely accidental

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both pleural sacs, suffocation is speedily induced.

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No room is allowed us at present for a notice of the views presented

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following, and of course being broken in its descent.

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many cercomonas, and numerous, very active amebae ;

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From an anatomical viewpoint this disease in children should be diag-

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edematous. Temperature 39.5 degrees; pulse no, regular but weak.

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seems to be connected with a difference in the ability to form a

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few sharp corners that inhibit and confuse some Alzheimer residents. Staff at these homes are specially

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tives. 4. What might be called physiological antidotes- — ipecac,

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In my experience these cases illustrate fairly well the onset of

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opinion that the auricle fulfils two evident condi-

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that can be employed but its curative action admits of no

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the fingers, dynamic pulsation in the abdominal aorta, and congestion

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proves such to be an error, and is, indeed, sufficient

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20 cm. of blood, before and after cutting of aortic valve.

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cases of asthenopia was there any error of refraction;

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and the disappearance of the fluid tumour in the belly. Although the name

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first soitnd of the heart was accompanied Avith a bruit, audible ante-

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The men, from being often from home on their journeys through

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obstinate cases of arthritis, but the results vary.

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name is a curious one and its origin is obscure. It has been suggested that

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A, lever wuich presses do^\-n the liLide ; b, screw ; c. blade of knife :

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production of winds, as these largely depend on changes of

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cases will be the absence of any interference with the liver-

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different anaesthetists, all competent men. They know my work, they

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should be apprehended from the application of like teacliing in

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bers of this society, homoeopathic physicians generally, and

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of the series, manifested early toxsemic symptoms. As these features

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and it is six hundred ; multiply it by eight hours, and