same pathological characters and the same generic causes.

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with cotton batting and a light bandage, if possible.

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occasion more or less severe pain. The temporal and the masseter muscle

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monary or cardiac disease. She was able to si)eak only in a feeble voice,

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digestive tract, although absorption from the -respiratory tract and even

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treated, 1,790; deaths, 4; mortality, 0.22%. 1893: Number

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pubertic development ; intensify with adolescence ; and attain

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Treatment of the above conditions — Tension, length, aiul volume of the pulse —

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me, and thus excite a paroxysm, as any hydrophobic patient dreads the

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reference to the terminology, I agree with Dr. Wegge that intermittent

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been aptly remarked by Dr. J. B. Roberts,' ether, in

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disagreeable effluvium. One odor is very perceptible,

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