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arsenic is not truly curative in its action, does not strike at the root of the

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Edward B. Dench, of New York ; Syphilis and its Treatment,

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on the gastric juice, and prepare the soil for undisturbed digestion

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inflammation of the brain, diarrhoea, dysentery, peritonitis, and congestion of

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dyspepsia, with the usual train of symptoms, such as

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tertiary cases, 94 per cent, in latent tertiary, and 96 per cent, of hereditary

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we may say that rather less than 5 per cent, of the total number of

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permanent traction is usually necessary to overcome the

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patient ; the latter lost sight of his patient on tlie fourth day.

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biophores, as well as paternal and maternal origin.

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B.'s dairy was situated in a low, poorly drained part of the city.

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to such insidious attacks on the very basis of all morality,

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the gonococcus so completely disappears that coccus, will bring the infection to an end."

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Men soon came to believe that certain of their number were more

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