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tially subdivided by the fraenum. It is lined with epithelium, and contains

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E. B. Treat, publisher, New York, has in press for early publication

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or injurious. Perhaps no remedy is more generally employed in this

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she was actually curetted I am unable to say, but she remained in the

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In a practice of twenty-one years I have met with but very few cases

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less lead him to abandon those local measures altogether.

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extensor of the hip-joint, acting as antagonist to the ilio-psoas. Paralysis

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cavity may occur. Such a cavity usually contains a considerable quantity

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suddenly stopped, artificial respiration was kept up by

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too frequently stops the use of the bath before the disease has

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Should, however, the valves of the heart be diseased, in such a case it

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uted to the Yankee of Massachusetts. Americans are an

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cervitis. And as he should, like Dr. Budd, give the

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It is not quite correct to affirm that cholera ceased in Moscow in March,

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Iii the course of an experimental study of the histological lesions

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