Some of the patients certainly did get well, and entirely

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uterus could not be safely repaired by sutures. One

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the ointment base. Used in eczema, scabies, sycosis,

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this there were to be found cases with irregular fever, and sometimes

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1. Cancer of the stomach is a surgical disease and not amenable to other

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poisoning, headache, nausea, colic, constipation, tenesmus, or diar-

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If these cases cannot be stopped at quarantine there

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the hair, and takes the nodules to be nits. An examination with a

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{a) Fibroid tumour removed by pan-hysterectomy ; (h) tubal abor-

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ledged. — (U** We feel compelled to decline the publication of an article dated

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ance, but everybody knows how much the preservation of

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its quantity and de^^nte of alttF^Tatiorm ^xerOt^ ^ vskriakhU^ nu^Mcm

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terest to the histories of the cases. He desired to know

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centrated upon the thyroid body, the frequent absence of goitre.

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stages of their progress, from the little ones just lisping

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end of one month the pain and swelling had been entirely relieved, leav-

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vigorous tissue decomposition as in certain types of cachexia, in carci-

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A.M., M.D., who gives a biographical sketch of John B. Murphy,

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acidosis 'Dyazide interferes with fluorescent measurement of

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all parts of the country. We advise you to try it. On re-

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cian thought he could pronounce, with considerable confidence,

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reached 4:0,000 per in several very severe cases. The increase in white

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for shaping the lime of the bones or skeleton, is absolutely necessary

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that each case is a law unto itself. It is evident that, of the various

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VOL. XXXVIII. No. 11. N0^T:MBER, 1880. Whole No. 455.

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milk treatment, and he had seen marked benefit from

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' Read before the New York Dermatological Society, .April 28,

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their own best judgment would probably prove more helpful in

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of the stomach is further advanced in degeneration or regeneration, as

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is cut through, the articular eiids of the femur and the tibia .are in

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much decreased. He has now no pain and very little swelling,