pushed through the walls of the sac. The curved probe is now
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never succeeded in removing a cinder from my own eye in this way
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the i)atient. The same degree of paresis elsewhere would be altogether
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1452. Sick or wounded soldiers, discharged while in hospital, will
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of some of the druggists, to the extent that they refused to tele-
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need only give a few rules to serve as a framework for the beginner to broaden and
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and find their own relations to God before they are
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be done now, with a better understanding of the etiology
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substances. In the body the micro-organisms cause a specific
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certain number of cases the patient can l)e taught to overcome this
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proved that morphia does not counteract the fatal effects of prussic acid, unless
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very dilute acid ; whilst Beale endeavours to show, by means of experi-
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We might continue our gleanings from these admirable
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in small streams through a slowly descending column of such water, will
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three years at a medical college are required to make a
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the fame refults, to reinforce all that I have laid upon the ab-
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the cause of the fearful mortality in infants born of heal-
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for determining the clinical history of the affection are insufficient. A dis-
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Keen, energetic, and self-sacrificing, he was a fine example of the best
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extremities, he began the application of moxa, two at a time,
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claiming 768 victims. Firearms, carelessly handled,
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a sealed envelope having on its outside the motto of the
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terine, oil globules, granular matter, blood corpuscles, and
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among horses, mules and asses, is a very malignant disease. It has been
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taires. Pres.se med. beige, Brux., 1895, xlvii, 285. — Drew
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bleeds, and he who does not; he who gives aperients, and he
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the temporal lobe giving rise to the symptoms present
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possible, be settled at once, and would support Dr.