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Myelomata develop in the bone marrow, presumably from some
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imperative of the verb meaning to take, and is ordinarily rep-
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the pelvis, and was soft in consistency. A few days later
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Whiteley's exercisers. The value of these kinds of exercises in
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that "medicine never continued long an art of unbiassed observa-
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have ordered that whenever a convict is received at that institution, he
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that accompanies febrile conditions. During these bron-
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others were composed of phosphate of lime and double phosphate, and all
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Perineal prostatectomy was practiced for prostatic enlargement by
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tte bodily temperature still remains proportionately low, or rises to
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are often associated, the knowledge of| Last June, I was requested to see an
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mind that our Society will thrive, and prosper, and
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cases the trouble at night was usually great. Motion aggravated
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Tn rickets any retardation would not be nearly as marked
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chloric acid may, at times, be very important, bearing in mind that
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vening sixteen days before the fluid came to the surface,
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patients, has in its turn been abandoned for some other place :
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dane has in his possession a preparation of a large aortic aneurism,
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years — before he ever has a call for them again ; and if
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tagmus. The pupil is generally dilated, irresponsive
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uric acid, forming the urate of magnesia ; with ammonia and phosphoric
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somewhat increased and the mineral substance correspondingly dimin-
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the rates of pay of the new grades of the hospital corps.
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mother to the foetus. The author then considers the nature of the syphilitic
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note, remarked that JI. Donne was mistaken in believing that
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"I- "I i'liiir ni.n Uv .arrifd in In thr nii~<ilr into the pViitniKMl >,uitv
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tinct from that of the heart; it being the consequence,
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narrated, in which it has been fifteen minutes. Even practised
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T5; the a-r time lias diminished materially in length; the auricular rate
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thirds of these patients at least, presented vaccine cicatrices
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intermittentes invet6r6es. Union med. de la Giromle,
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