wasting of muscles, and no sensory or reflex changes. The electrical

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goes on. It is obvious, however, that if the lungs are infected

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this end the services of Frederick Law Olmstead, the land-

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1908. — Dunbar: "Principles of Sewage Treatment." Translated by

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♦ lining the day. Pulse 82, weak. ( 'oniplains also of severe pains shooting down the

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superior and middle frontal convolutions ; and, on the left, a considerable

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hemorrhage, it has received the sanction of high authority, and the

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washed out by an enema, and liquid predigested foods

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waterj- deposit which occurs. Seal the flask hermetically and set them aside in

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Iodide of Manganese is prepared by digesting recently precipitated

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Symptomatology — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Treatment — Prophylaxis-

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she had no mental attacks. Since the onset of her illness she

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containing vegetable acids, except in so far as these may be used in

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spect Rapid excretion of fluid, however, can be pro-

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lungs then acted on by the elasticity of the thoracic parietes.

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Canadian, $8.50; foreign, 3i9.00, including postage; single copitij

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inntiohM ol* ntlier sorts (still lurtlier inodihed by differences in

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Diagnosis and Prescription R;^cord, notice of, 383.

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direction of the Research Board of this department. This training

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he was still vomiting, and rapidly passing into a collapsed con-

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mined character might work on the fears or passions

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in landing on the other side the fence. Tough and strong

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because of a blind fear of the spectre of cerebral compression, the

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the borderline between delirium and a psychosis. Individuals react very

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tient was comatose when brought to my office. There

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swelling has disappeared and the membrane is no longer present, 2

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on any supposed general principles, should consider it

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advance by the x-rays were treated by resection of one

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that it is of little value in the treatment of cyanide poisoning, for, while

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Acidum nitricum. In pi-eparing this acid, the London College

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the duodenum has been made by Lyon (Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila-

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reports some very successful cases of this treatment. Of

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1985 National Nursing Home Survey. Vital and Health Statistics. US DHHS, Na-

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they could not gain admittance- to the hospitals. Others contended

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simulating very closely a mild attack of gastritis, which in twenty-four