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clusions which have been drawn from physiology." After many

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All employes attached to the different hospitals, ambulances, or to

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increased desire for fluids; slight restlessness, sometimes

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columns, whether primary or secondary, is attended by tension of the para-

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relieved, sometimes by a single injection, and at others

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woman was unable to earn her living, and it became a

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flowers, and replace them by fresh ones, till the oil is suffi-

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there was the most remarkable vasomotor ataxia I have ever seen the

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without much pain, and taking little interest in his surround-

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and other artificial meadows, he thought the case quite different, for

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thoroughh' these vital questions seems to be the wisest and most important

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Another case of particular interest that has already been

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of nervous exhaustion was sufficiently common to fall

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had to be given. Bokai had not sufficient data to answer the question

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Missisissippi — Dr. W. N. Ames, (with enclosure.)

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be a new kind of health plan which is accountable for

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Allbutt's System of Mrduine, vol. li. part i., I90<.>. Turner, Public Htallh,

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markably peculiar except the condition of the heart.

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or that the nervous symptoms differ in incidence in any respect from

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case. The usual length of time for patients to remain in the

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l)ut I would go further : I consider that in future a properly equipped throat

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a metallic purplish precipitate. This fluffy product could not be

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The distinctions of enlarged glands and breakbone pains are often advanced as

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robust offspring. The children of the poor, who are badly nursed

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In other cases numerous small focal areas of infection are present in the

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bility to retain the stools. At fourteen years of age, when

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external pressure, we need not be surprised to learn of the

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salt solution; very great smarting and intense conges-

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the heat generated in process of homogenization has

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fibroid tissue thickening and contracting the outer layer of the urethral