able. Office building and equipment may be purchased
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sis of the tissues of the (ibroid, the puriform lluiii being
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from any part of the State." It is interesting to compare
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M. Reu6 Gailly.] Ann. Soc. d\anat.-path. do Brux., 1888,
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sometimes it is limited to part of the covering, and the slough has an
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adherent so strongly, that the lung was lacerated in removing it : this more espe-
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tioued pedicle was passed through tho cutaneous bridge thus
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ed ; ophthalmia, croup, inflammation of the tonsils,
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length, which was found deeply imbedded in the great gluteal muscle.
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proved that morphia does not counteract the fatal effects of prussic acid, unless
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mention any other facts that might enable his readers to
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toe HARyF.iAN Society of London ; Dr. Bowles ; Dr. Thomas
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SchUcking's method, and its modifications by Zweifel
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the affection differs from neuralgia affecting these or other of the nervous
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opinion. While the popular notion of its nature and cause has re-
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" Within twenty years," he remarks, " typhoid pneumonia has extended in
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group. Upon the employment of carbohydrates, however, either as a consti-
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done by the State Board of Health. The Legislature of 1917 made an
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graver grades of the disease, as evidenced by cramps,
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the diseased arteries apparently failed to show this compen-
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original promoters of the charity engraved upon a tablet, but
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logic factor in producing acute lung injury in animals. 34 - 35
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evidences of suppuration. — St. Louis Med. Review.
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method for determining the existence of recent pregnancy. The
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taken by amputation from a girl aged fifteen. Three months
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12. Tlie injection of preserved virus and the multiplicity of
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tions, sinuses, or have but an imperfectly developed
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For the study of the structure of the ])arasite various methods have
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we have shown that IGF-I might be useful in the treatment
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pdlsoning do not ap]>ear at all throughout the entire course of the com-