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contrary, eccentrically projected pains can doubtless be produced by

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phthisis with cavities, gangrene of the lung, and abscess of

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convey it to a vessel at the foot." T. G. Thomas,* who has em-

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catches at her hair, and, if not prevented, would tear it out in hand-

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haemorrhage is softer than usual, will, if the bleeding is excessive, become

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It seeks first an appropriate and secure position; and not until some

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similar attack of inflammation of the kidney, attended with sup-

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from epiblastic elements. The hyaline masses probably

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limits. We here have a range between immunity and all degrees of

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ing of a loose one, and the corn can be easily picked out with the finger-nail in

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trieipltal ; arthrotomie le huitifeme Jour; guSrison avec

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origin of emboli. Such dissemination is analogous to that occasionally

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tion comes from Lagrange (Bordeaux), who has transplanted into

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of their children, 59 were saved, and 46 lost. We have also before us the re-

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tions of numbness and tingling are less complained of after the first onset

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reasons other than its imminent capture by the enemy is effected

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presentation which will require the Foetus to be turned.

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vide this hollow — making two. At their base is found a small sac, con-

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nothing for breakfast or supper on the Sabbath-day but a piece of cold bread and

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on careful study as characteristic of the disease as the more obvious

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cally druggist will substitute an inferior article. Such circu-

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Beastif BirdSf and Fishes. — ^There were formerly heaver,

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chronic aural disease ; Picque and Ferrier claim that more than

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brevity— enter the now fashionable theory of expansion,

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smaller than those of the other lumbars. This vertebra

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findings. Two cases, Nos. 42 and 46, clinically and cytologically negative,

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hours per diem. In another case — ^that of a porter at the central

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lectual or physical type, is an expression of senile arrest of