ing with soap and water does not appreciably improve the results. (5)

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and filter through a Gooch filter. Ignite and weigh.

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commit a foolish and wicked act, he is not responsible for it.

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eye-strain. In some cases neuralgia results from organic dis-

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that close observation is one of the lost arts, being only

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the Queen's Colleges of Belfast, Cork, and Galway, and

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parents. The teaching and character building in these little

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she was actually curetted I am unable to say, but she remained in the

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difficulty. If vaccination was begun after the treat with alcohol, it

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miasm, instead of losing its deleterious and toxica

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small crucial incision was made through the exposed portion of the

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logical picture almost entirely. From the second to the fourth week,

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cities, the Hague and London. In the former (whose inhab-

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sick poor for medical treatment, an untold amount of

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obtain; both of which circumstances rendered books so

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too much, they will be sure to be thrown back, and have the

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in which the foetus had been carried for fifty-two years.

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be instructed to remove in twelve hours, when under

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executed engravings which vividly illustrate the text, and

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pump carefully ; but of course the more active general measures indicated

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so that if a patient, under the use of remedies, succeeds in avoiding pro-

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conception can be formed from their books. He was so much

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patient to the amphitheatre on his back. It was necessary to assist him in

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June 29, 1866. A report and plans were submitted for

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FRANK R. LOCK. M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology .ind Directoi of Department of Obstetrics and Gyne-

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air. This is because, as Dr. Sylvester suggested, the

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years, and who had had frequent and long attacks, was entirely relieved

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sand bed used for filtering sewage shows a similar vertical distribution

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shaped individual, long and tapering, and probably with a

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off, the cannula being obliterated by a whitish membrane. On microscopic examination

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Bubo in one or both groins, sometimes suppurating, and ia

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terms the routine practice of giving grey powder to

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whether cystitis is present, and to carefully inspect the ureteral orifices,