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mary rise, and which continues to the end of the work.
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Hewitt was tried before him (Reg. v. Hewitt or Holt) at the Chester Winter
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by an otherwise indifferent substance, ferrocyanid of soda ;
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bargaining purposes, and by uniting with similar organi-
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stump was disinfected with pure carbolic acid and depressed by a purse-
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had been miserable and of no account for two yaers. Blood
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Contagion by Clothing. — The Berlin correspondent of
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Amoss, Harold L., and Eberson, Frederick. The passage of
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the neck, and spastic condition of other muscles and other
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and cerebrospinal fluid, and to examine the latter for an excess of lymphocytes
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dysenteric in the United States (Osier) ; it has also
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A toxine is produced as a result of bacterial metabolism within the
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was not until after this result that a correct diagnosis was made.
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diplomas, the' Ciovernment say — " We must have the door
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disease progresses, he generally gets into the habit of bringing his head into
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any adherent fragments of tissue. The question of haemor-
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ment of the curative process. You will observe that no slopping, wash-
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should be agreed upon between the solicitors, and then Mr.
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referable to that state. These symptoms, however, gradually
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numbered XIV, XV, etc. So that Volume XII seems to be
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mences in childhood — that is, before puberty — and affects either sex.
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i::.;::;..- ■' '"^'-Kt:'::;;i:tr^;:;:;i:t.:t;,;:::-
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cord is then slightly exaggerated, and the least shock to
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ataxy, though in a case reported by myself (5) the opposite leg was
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which a pulse of 130 or 140, and in the former of which rapid
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with one another, and are certainly historically wrong
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his belief that the leprous poison is in its essence and origin sy})hilitic,
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generally owing to the same cause, an increased sensibility of this spot
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any connection with acute rheumatism, or that it is the result of any
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dition of the cell-walls was attributed by Bainey to fatty degeneration.
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the stomach ; to a less degree on the bowels. Eliminationi
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kidneys and vena cava, were remarkably hypersemic. There was
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ed chiefly in amputation of the leg. As performed in the thigh
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Fig. 41. — Blue imprint of .severe case of flat-foot.
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sented to deliver a lecture on the " Structure and H.abit3 of
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Geo. R. Murray,'- of Durham, tabulates twenty-four cases of typhoid
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tolled for the cure of syphilis, from the first appearance of that
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slept and took food. She passed wind per anum ; but
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The loss of sexual power, or rather deficient erec-
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pose to establish a theory of scrofula or of its effect in
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recommended. The first was executed by Dr. Jameson, under
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to be a post-pleural collection of fluid. Upon tapping