light, but proves that the blood interferes with its passage
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lends no information concerning the condition of the
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piness ; you wished to make us forget the worries and cares
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Chicago M. J. & Exam., 1883, xlvi, 337-352. Also, Re-
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- -r.iiTi-v :iiii] innilcriti-'l e^p<*cially l»y Prof. Dicksou. Tin.
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often to 1,000,000 or less ; the hsemoglobin is also reduced,
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one uncovers these stories, one learns that an account of
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Sir. Holmes COOTE ; Mr. W. T. GnAXT ; Dr. Keowx; Dr. Nf.ild; Dr.
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the liver and kidneys are already hopelessly damaged.
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male an upper lateral from a lower mesial subdivision of
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which belong to the complicated forms. The pernicious fevers
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3. Brown, M. J. : A rare combination of female breast
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this drug. In adults in whom there is evidence of nervous
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any one who can give a sick person a drink of water can
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:atute to authorize the making of such an ordinance. (1 Dill., Mun. Corp., sec.
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theria is very adherent to the underlying tissues, and, if removed,
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ing five grains, but these absorbed moisture so that they
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t Sweating on the same side ns the contracted pupil has been recorded in cases o£
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the pulmonary cells at the very extreme of inspiration, when
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strychnine is extracted with water acidulated with hydro-
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His description of the operation was clear, concise, and
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serum having given 10 grammes of solid matter and 90 grammes of water.
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in the ano-rectal region deserves the same consideration
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pigs, and kittens, in 1863 and 1864, he finally made use of the valuable method of
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Prince Edward Island. He returned to his home August 12th.
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The defect of co-ordinating power over the upper extremities is shown by
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ture, ordinary and extraordinary, of £1,000: 9 : 4d ;
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groupings, in the present stages of our advancement, are delu-
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diet, cleanliness, separation from other lepers, and protection from in-
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Dr. L. Leo Newman, Ecru, aged 55, died suddenly March