second, though it be popularly considered the disease, is only an

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later, from consumption of the lungs ; hence, when any person '' spits

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assigned directly to tuberculosis, and in 17 additional

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must be noted in reference to vomition in the domestic ani-

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*0h, I gave her antikamnia, phenalgin, salfene, phenobromate and all

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She has not had a temperature of over 99. 2 F.; pulse not exceeding 120

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son's uterine sound, and cover it well with these substances in powder,

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digests in the human stomach with considerable difficulty on

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lobules ; the latter is an outcome of the changes in the catarrhal prod-

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nature of the tumour, for, although its mode of origin and the result of

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entirely disappeared; the boy, at the same time, ga d h a

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the number of people who did not believe in compulsory

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Department, aet. 45, of genial habits, had supped with his friends on the

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is usually only from 40 to 50 per minute ; but later on it rises

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which Dr. Salmon is the chief, and the establishment of the

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surrounding organs by contiguity, as well aa with the appearance of secondary

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Je vous prie. Monsieur le General, de vouloir faire inscrire

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proval of the Secretary of the Treasury, Is authorized «to designate

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rarely fails eventually to reproduce the disease* however per-

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accompany the acetone, and this speaks directly against the origin of the

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When widows or divorced women are remarried, no fuss is made.

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been regarded as a proof that at least in these cases the sound is due to

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The Address in Surgery.— Dr. W. H, Caemalt, of New

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essential as in disease of the bones and joints. X-ray of the

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watery extract of Bacillus proteus for at least three generations. An

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case before the twenty-first day. There are two very opposite

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and others, altogether worthless, made popular, by virtue of

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fection, this can be removed. When pro- disappeared. Pometta, on the other hand,

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of the disease there also are extremely interesting ; they are fully

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polymorphonuclear leucocytes. There are no large ganglion cells in the

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companied by cramp, and only showing a lowered mus-

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(I.) Anophthalmos bilateralis. Vesiuik oftiilniol., Kiev,

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makes very rapid progress, notwithstanding the internal use of

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plunged a trocar through it, into the cyst, removing suffi-

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