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tion both drugs have been tried, but in other hands

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luiuative effort in typhus. He mi^'ht as well ask us about the eli-

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of the kidney. Absence of albumen, a good indication.

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ing to note that the diarrhoDa did not ensue until a considerable-

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During the ensuing operation the bowel was found to

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small, and weak pulse; by the rapid, languid, and oppressed

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large quantities of these substances have been found in the blood and the

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hierophant is certainly guilty of a crime, should a fatal result occur,

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President, Dr. .lohn C. Peters; Vice-President. Dr. E.

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sensibility is diminished, the tactile sense is impaired,

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the United States Bureau of Animal Industry for shipment to the

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not be completely effected, as by it considerable laceration and haemorrhage were

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mate area to be treated, the whole hair (except possibly a fringe

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The urine presents important changes, which often serve as a guide to

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nomena manifest themselves : the symptoms of autochthonous throm-

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passed 50 ounces of urine of a very light colour ; albumen slightly diminished.

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this store acquired diphtheria, and other children who came in contact

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Etiology. — ^The symptoms of the spotted disease of TFer/Ao^ re-

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they did occur, that we could hope ultimately to arrive at a knowledge of

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minutes to four hours. 9. Depression after puncture is incon-

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proportion of cases, an admixture of both forms in the same

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all articles which in any way may come near him. Milk diet, cold baths,

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foreign bodies — a bone or artificial denture ulcerating its way from the

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on coagulation whatever. Dr. Brunton quoted an illus

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Not long after his master's death in 1627, Lilly married

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They must remember, as Sir J. W. Moore had pointed out, that in

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breakfast. A blood sample was taken, the dose of insulin given,