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cutting, they consent Some member of the family, or if
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ing muscles became reddish, while the local temperature rose J°, and that
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continues with remissions for a period of from one to two weeks ; it
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The above description applies to the cases in which arterial thrombosis
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tions of Children. By Alfred Millikin, M. D., of Court-
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author began this study many years ago (1894) in the
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64 recovered, leaving a mortality of 48.8 per cent. In uncomplicated
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and the anterior parts of the buccal mucous membrane.
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ing to excrete certain products secreted by the liver.
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epidemic is wide-spread, the number of cases during the winter in-
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<:ises. The doing of simple movements incidental to the com-
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instance of spiders in the eyes of the American girl lately
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tinuous inclement weather, or may have been caused by the
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The uiiits of health work now being offered by the State Board of
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colleague, M. Bernutz, when treating of menstrual retention,
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water fever, we should have to consider a mild relapse
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acteristic of ulcer is circumscribed, boring or gnawing, epigastric or
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the operative procedure takes place from all cut and exposed
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who hatl charj^e of tlio ambuhuice train treated our patients witli the
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ground to more advantage to himself, and sat'sfaction to
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the house staff should go unpaid than there would be for trying to
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grounds for believing that cure can be eft'ccted by this opera-
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nized. Cool bathing, and quinine in large dt)S( s, are the
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that the nearer fixation and resistance are applied respectively to
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ton. He, his wife, and their four children five in Rockland. He en-
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was financially insolvent and could not offer pros-
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meter of ammonia water, sp. gr. 0.90, be diluted with
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attempt the reduction of these dislocations. In refer-
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sick, but she was able to walk from one room to another and
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by the panel. Application for review by the Superior
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was able to raise the weight but thirty times before reach-
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its appearance in the groove between the pectoralis major and the deltoid
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Calcarea Carb. is a main remedy for chronic asthmatic complaints,
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utes delivered of a living child. Assistance can be
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Spottiswoode, Esq., F.Il.S., in the chair), Charles John Leaf,