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the object of which is to demonstrate from clinical observations, that

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remarked that it is a sovereign remedy against mental de-

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general interest, and at the next annual meeting of the State Society,

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'' F. X. Wnlls. Am. .T(Uir. M<m1. Sci., UMM;, II.

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Papers for publication, and all other communications for the Edi-

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Dr. HtJjirHET thought Sir W. GuU's motion ought not to pass

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danger, little stress is laid on the condition of the

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McLaughlin, J. E., Statesville, (Hon.); Univ. of Md., 1886 18S6 1S96

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Deutsche med. Wchuscbr., Leipz. u. Berl., 1894, xx, 122. —

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tions of the cord, accompanied by paraplegia, with or without wasting,

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During all this period, if I relaxed my pressure when the

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viously for a much longer period, seeing that the capsules were found

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Medical Congress of 1890, at Berlin, as intelligent

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gastric secretion has such an important bearing upon the

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it is required by the Council of the Hall that every Candidate

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upon potatoes, and, on opening the stomach, he found there the merest trace

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If the milk of the mother is suspected, change or increase her food,

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(«) A change of drinking-water, or water from chalky regions. Constipation

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heterogenous and boiled bone, when implanted into gaps in the

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cough themselves, in their highest stage of development.

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oxen a parasite which is apparently the larval form

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if you treat both classes of disease alike. An instructive illustration

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skin 12 inches, and time 4 minutes. This dose represents 11 Holzknecht units.

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must be some distempered condition of the circumstances around

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Thomas Clark succeeded him as Professor of Chemistry.

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not less than six months' duration." No student who after this year en-

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once receive from 500 to 1000 units of antitetanic serum into the

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be borne in mind that the use of forceps correctly applied is

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to the absence of a periosteum on the articular surface, and partly to the

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