from this mixture usually averages between 65 and 70 per cent.

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The antlvacelnation bill that recently passed both houses

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latter case the infection is excreted in the feces.

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guard ; but this is wrong. In the same regiment, some companies

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pany was constantly sought, he became morose, silent, and,

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distribution is related to the policy of moving medical treatment

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and geriatric medicine in urban settings. Salary and benefits:

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It seems to me that the ingenuity of the members of this

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acts as a veritable solvent for the nerve endings. He also concludes that

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In an obscure case an infected high appendix, renal calculus, intestinal

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becomes a perfectly simple matter. She states that she has had the trouble

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had quite recovered, with the exception of occasional pain in

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Active peristalsis of the dilated stomadi was observed. When

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Chloroform Sequelae — no Nausea or Vomiting and little or no Shock.

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the fisheries of Norway and Iceland, and in an interesting

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being preceded by spurious and distressing pains, 9 p. m. The

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the disease, strumous synovitis— the fungoid disease of the joint is not inflam-

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dciiie, even though Mahomet do it)— so far sanctioned the practice

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pleuritis, pericarditis, and peritonitis. It is supposed to stand sometimes in

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muscle, which becomes in a few hours as hard as a stone. The

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binos. This was the only case of the kind I had ever heard of, except

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Urine in Arthritic Diseases, The. By J. Bergen Ogden, M.D. . 247

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when given on their approach, and also in arousing epileptics who

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authority. In 1S48, while engaged on his celebrated "Systema