The number of fliers permanently disqualified by the Command-
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for legitimate business, even among industrial organiza-
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gishly to the mind ; in other cases, as for example in acute mania, they are
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phosphate of lime, and analysis has proved that the cartilage
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hsemorrhoidal veins and those of the uterus and its appendages,
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dark it showed every evidence of fatigue. This fatigue was
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to speak — that is, the treatment of the inflammation of the
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the fever (headache, weakness, anorexia), specific influenza symp-
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pour pratiquer I'iridectoniie ou rextraotiou do la cataracte
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little difficulty in identifying the gonococcus by a smear
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can sometimes be feebly obtained, the other reflexes are
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ciple even if he did not understand some of the methods
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and moderate jaimdice ; but, from the gall-ducts that are not com-
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swollen at that time than it is now, and the edema over the symphysis
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lesser pectoral. In attempting to enucleate an exten-
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Dr. J. P. C. Griffith, of Philadelphia, said he had
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cerebellum than in any case examined. Three ounces of scrum in
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cated in the early stages of those severe cases of scarlatina and measles
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perhaps by the interest which the papers of Dr. Ringer have imparted to
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only the point of the elbow, the wrist and hand, and the shoulder, and
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knitting. The sales for that year amounted to £231.
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plains the empirical facts of embryology : and it is
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cavity was found to contain a considerable quantity of sero-purulent fluid,
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villages, the most important of which was no doubt the extent to which artifi-
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last day of last year also deals with the kat-ions, and involves a