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ance with the rule observed by the War Office and Admiralty in respect of
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lation of the work accomplished in late years by the present
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gestion of the liver of brief duration, and where the
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blood cells showed poikilocytes, microcytes, macrocytes, but no
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here is to seek for the aortic sounds at the right edge of the sternum,
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nurses forms at his door, each one bearing a blank diet sheet,
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Schmidt's ' Jahrbiicher,' 1865, Bd. 137, ser. 2, p. 169, are quoted two cases of so-
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eight. All were the result of direct violence, and all
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fortable as possible. If incontinence of urine and feces results, as
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Bromides and chloral are indicated in the convulsive stage.
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accompanied by severe inflammation, it will be best to make
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12th. John Burns Williams, Danbury, on Injuries of the Head.
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In many cases of enlarged prostate we have a similar condition of ulceration
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Alvin Davison, Ph.D., ex- Fellow of Princeton University; Professor
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2 As at Norwich ; see ibid. Appendix N". ilvi (par. 0) to vol. ix.
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changed, to the inferior vena cava, whence their subsequent
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ture of surface good ; mouth 93° F. ; no hiccup ; pulse 72, moderate ;
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I have given an account of the following case else-