or to interference with respiration or circulation.
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ted with suggestive doses and other useful information. In a word
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from ; 15 became proprietors of drug stores; 3 were
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5. Vauiations in tiik Involution of the Pock. — These anomalies
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hours after the onset. Macroscopically at that stage no alteration is
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undoubted value, but it is open to the objection that it prevents the
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It had been growing for a long time; it was in such a position that in
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a further source of danger, namely, contamination from the
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parentum, avonim aut proavorum a simili affcctu in eorum, aliijuo mcmbro
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since preadmission screening cannot be expected to eliminate all unsuitable
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rale : interiorly there is a large crepitus, and laterally, from be-
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azotemia and oliguria during treatment of severe pro-
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pneumonia develops early in the course of influenza (a rare event), its symptoms
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nethy, in his own lectures at the College, charged his former
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Ranking, W. li., M.D., late of Norwich, on June 3, aged 53.
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number of mosquitoes, and of prevailing cholera morbus, and there were cautions
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the year 18(il. The decline has been general through-
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portion was 90 per 1,000, being a notable decrease.
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whose symptoms began "vvith vertigo, followed by word-blindness and
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The trephine was applied, and nothing was found ; the post-mortem
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The Effects of Mental Emotions in producing Asthma. 46
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The pericardium was every where adherent to the heart. By some
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of the board in administering the Medical Practice Act, and with the
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instances, because of the fugitive attacks ; in others, however, there
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married man, but has no family. His father died of " lung
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oval shape strongly suggests an artefact eruption. Tlie earlier nodules appear
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comoilsions indicate that the tumor is near the cortical substance
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Gaz., Detroit, 1898, 3. s., xiv, 177-179. — £ioi.«ou. A propos
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small an irritation may give rise to the most painful and most