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large fields of dulness and true bronchial breathing. In cases of extensive
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the pains and aches due to the deposit of uric acid in
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part of the muicle. On the third, fourth, fifth and sixth day
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graphic and histological examinations of the specimens.
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becomes ruptured, giving exit to thick, black blood.
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group appear less impaired in the first year. They exhibit
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After death it was found that the anterior portion of the left frontal
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Ih. 27m. Severe spasms of the muscles of the throat and of the muscular
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discoveries tending to develop the material prosperity
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were observed in tracings taken some days later, after
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he feared it might be too late, for his countrymen had secured
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is, in reality, an alternating change of protoplasm to
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In some cases a diffuse redness of the skin or red spots appear on
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She has also a troublesome chronic bronchitis. For the last 12