fluid at the first puncture (and by that 1 mean a dark red thin fluid, evidently stained

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little patient, and I believe the swab should not be used

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as typhoid bacilli. The cholera bacilli lived forty-two days in

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popular. Dr. Ellis has had a large experience in teaching as Assistant

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of the same coccus caused death within eighteen hours, a smaller

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inserted and tied so as to retain it in the bladder. The patient

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that the stage of development and arrangement of the

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One common source of infection perhaps more frequently overlooked

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there more than a slight, dull pain. The tumour appeared to be fixed to

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| in this fashion: “After all, thyroid disorders are

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morbidly brittle, so that the membrane is more easily detached than in

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tural and morphological diflferences from the genuine diphtheria bacillus.

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The first floor is used chiefly for administrative purposes, and is divided by the

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Dr. J. P. C. Griffith, of Philadelphia, said he had

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tended with tenderness on pressure, and often by its location indicat-

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large as small plums, that were the provoking cause of

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acute indigestion, gastroenteric catarrhs, intestinal

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not fiequent. In the acute form the ulcer is large, the tissue giving

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resort to the knife has always been, excepting in cases of

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the patient to the hospital for three weeks' training in routine and

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have difficulty meeting the costs of a serious or pro-

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of this group, has been isolated from the blood during life, usually in

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iu (he vascular territories controlled by these nerve

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5. Accentuation of the Aortic Second Sound. A definite note as

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sively felt : sucli as redundancy and want of flesh, and the

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always be considered. In colic due to the passage of a calculus vomitmg

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the kidneys; for, as we all know, sudden and alarming

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Satprday, Xoceinler 2d: Clinical Society of the New York

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who drank milk from C F J was one of the earliest victims.

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I thought that would be the better course to pursue. But tliis

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spine. Beard and Rockwell have found general faradization uniformly suc-

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inches. If the contraction is in the transverse diameter there would be

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by the admirable work of the American. Arthur Hunter,

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opium treatment will cause the entire diappearance of the sugar. For

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I. It is a matter of great difficulty to obtain a dustless atmo-