was adopted. Five months later, extension was found to be

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takable and so well known that it is unnecessary to speak

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rhagic forms of the infectious diseases by the symptoms of the onset in

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Society of London that he had found, from an analysis

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tongue slightly protruded from his mouth ; upon his extremi-

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coction of slippery elm bark. Mix with milk, and put it on

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the blood. They vary a good deal in size, some of them being very large.

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polypus-forceps. The manipulations here are the same as for

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tions of the vagina and vulva in virgins, arid has found that the hymen is in

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and then throughout the winter, for a long drive, often in

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This is possible by paying due regard to the previous history, including heredi-

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learned of Scottish physicians, that we should soon

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MITCHELL, M.D., author of "Doctor and Patient," "Wear

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of air by every known device, and as long as possi-

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doing much to improve the hygienic condition of the

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oldest part of the lesion, showing the usual variations in hue according to the age

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are three synovial membranes ; the strength of the union being

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heart disease. Godlee, of London, gives one of the most exhaustive clinics on

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retained in our medical nomenclature at all, for what Richard

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hour ; if this cannot be done, that the serum should be

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the surgeon of the institution was not consulted about it. But from this time the mother

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death has implicated persons in charges of murder, and they have narrowly

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Dr. Alfred C. Post had once broken a wire oft" in attem])t-

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other evidence on which their reports are founded ; it being understood that

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ture of opium (laudanum) — horses and cattle, 1 to 3 oz.;

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Saunders observes that he does not mean to say that quinine