on the proportion of solids became constantly less, and the
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cellent results. Von Wagner* found that paretics treated with tuber-
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Antipyrine — Argentamine — Argonin — Aristol —
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lina nei liquidi organici patologici. Riv. clin. e terap.,
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enlarged to about 8 in. long by 8 in. broad at its broadest point, by a
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lars" at Quarantine lost only forty out of 2,000 cases.
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had been miserable and of no account for two yaers. Blood
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ciples discussed in connection with the therapy of measles will be ad-
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should serve to unravel the problem. In the more serious aspects
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the thorax, not pneumonic or tubercular, and distinct from, though often com-
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orifices of the aorta and pulmonary artery. The sudden tension of
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I will conclude by expressing my convictions, that if bigotry,
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can actually be seen in the substance of the dura mater, in the form of
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dependence the vaso-motor innervation of organs sit-
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modern language, are now recognized as affording the only satisfactory
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indicated by "M" in the curve. The blood sugar about one-half
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heterogenous and boiled bone, when implanted into gaps in the
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much of these territories they occupy must remain altogether uncertain.
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10. Herrman, C. : Three Cases of Sporadic Cretinism in One Family. Arch.
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7. Shock ; Its Nature, Cause, and Treatment. Daniel T.
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as in case 89, where pleuritis supervened after the accession of the spasm. It will, however,
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Second Edition. Crown Svo. Pp. xii + 404. Price5s.net.
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diminution by death in that class is about 2 per cent. For reasons
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Patient, a woman, aged 48. Post-nasal growth removed ton years
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tality rate for acute rheumatic fever in New Mexico has ex-
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method of employing the hydrochlorate of parapheny-