vations. However, the doctor agrees with my idea that treat-

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weight of the blood or organic matter was drawn over. Fif-

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and the generation of the physical forces which work the machinery, and the manifestation

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is rapid and the tendency to form sequestra is slight.

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I think Dr. Stucky is to be congratulated on the result obtained in

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afterwards elected to the same chair in the University of Utrecht,

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necessaries of life, squeezed from the more industrious and use-

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of the operating room including dressings and solutions.

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injections were made in a series of healthy rabbits.

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comatose or semi-comatose conditions, in excessive hyperaemia or in con-

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"4. When suspensio uteri was performed, — that is, the uterus attached to the

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fractures, operating upon alike number of their comrades.

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present, as in the urine of the aged, as it exists in the blood, and in

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right, and the other to the left, or one may be directed upwards and the

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Chronic myelitis gives rise to paralysis which may be general, that is,

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the latest presentation or discussion of some particular topic.

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than on the sound side, from loss of the antergic support of the opposing

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menstruation had been very painful. The patient had

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level of activity abruptly decreased. Two days prior

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seventy- five years old. Thus you will perceive that my

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physicians recommended that it should be injected deeply into a

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organism combined with substantial alimentation, both natural and artifi-

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down to the abdominal wall a short piece of the next larger size of

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peated doses, as big doses are apt to cause sickness, in-

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the liver and other organs may be present in this stage.

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The two big toe-nails were also affected (six weeks). In them the lunula

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taken from a person two days ill with the disease. The incubation was four