white precipitate. 2. By binoxalate of potash. 3. By mushrooms. 4. By
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1696. In 1798 Storer called attention to what he termed.
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apparently perfect health, and was now, at the age of seventy,
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derive this disease, much stress has been laid upon
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ity, Henry H. Goddard. Ph.D., 269; Mental deficiency
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method gave great promise of commercial possibilities,
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serous effusion in the two lateral ventricles. In a
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say that all these forms of current are variations of the same thing, whether
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dozen men should be sent to the surgeon perhaps unnecessarily
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Mr. DoRAN said that in the fatal case mentioned by Dr. Bantock he had found
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were divided close to the attachment to the humerus, and the
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Surgical Nursing. By Bertha M. Voswinkee, Nurse in charge of Episcopal Hos-
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sharp angulation at the hepatic flexure. The connection Initween
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is produced. Tlien the appetite is lost, nausea and vomiting occur,
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later troubled with a sore upon his head ; ten years
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with the other particulars required, of parents of whom personal inquiiie<