cord or sensory nerves. The symptoms which attend its progress vary.
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\vtpssli&ifi muscles, resists the normal heart action. Pain — variable
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with in the urine and sputum and have in a few instances been found
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Hospital, a man was admitted about noon, who stated that on the
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medical assistance. Numerous well-meaning physicians with good intentions arrived in
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ment of the spleen was present in 34 of 58 cases in which the condition of
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A Reproduction of It is by no means a necessary corollary of the
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moderate doses furnishing energy for muscular work is a far different
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considerably, is renitent, and of a glossy appearance.
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the evening of the third day. He also considers that it favourably in-
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time to appreciate all the fine points of his character, but
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The Report, in respect of those patients in the " lunatic
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perhaps does not count for much unless it be held that
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or injury under the two headings brain-disease or injury and
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the site of the vaccination exposed and given a very thorough washing
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used for human food. That Councillors Corr, Macartney,
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loops. Small strings, acting over a pulley, connect a weight with this
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ity, Henry H. Goddard. Ph.D., 269; Mental deficiency
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from the office of the Board of Missionary Prepara-
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tin' cornea loses its transparency, the humors of the eye become dis-
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Adult Male with (?) Early Malignant Disease of Lower
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chronic cystitis, etc., I have received recognition and
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punity prove nothing, unless we decline to accept the doctrine,
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diseases constitutes special pathology. On the other hand, there are morbid
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began to be troubled with eructations — "heart-burn."
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the necessity in all cases of dressing the cord with antiseptic wool,
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dressing, and seen complete closure of the wound without
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scientific proceedings of the Association for each session,
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also beneficial. The drug may be given in maximum dose of ■£% grain a
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found suffering from various chronic disorders of the
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choly effects of which, as officially reported, have exhibited themselves
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The dropsical case has more cedema than the former but heart-
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no objection in the attempt to diviimsh the size of the
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