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Pityriasis is a throwing off of the skin, either in thin scales, or in larger
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few months later there was a general epidemic of cholera morbus. Diphtheria pre-
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handsome octavo volume of 471 pages: extra cloth, $3 25. (Just Issued.)
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memory may fail them, symptoms in some cases due, no doubt, to the
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PL Ixxiv. Haimorrhoidal, are all misspelled, and in
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from lobar pneumonia and 3 from broncho-pneumonia, and there
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papillome. Bull. Soc. anat. de Nantes 1882, Par., 1884, vi,
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Physician of the Babies* Hospital, New York ; Physician in Charge of
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Media Judaica, Inc. 1679 Broadway, New York City for permis-
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system of this sort is now in use by a physician at the South End. In the article
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SEDUCED Retail Price of LITHIA and other Waters, 3/6 doz.; 6 doz. carriage paid.
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