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After exposure to HTLV-I infection, antibodies may de-
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to take thirty minims of dialyzed iron three times a
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hours. It acts exceedingly well in combination with
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»Mit staiji's of iiitlaminatory afTi-ctioiis of the nasal pliaryiix
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simultaneous exosmosis will, in its turn, effect drain-
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after-pains, lactation, hyperperistalsis, puerperal par-
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the psychical phenomena of puberty, and the emotions and instincts of sex
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ter had been incised, and there were neither adhesions
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consisted onlv of small round cells or nuclei, the remainder of small
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{New Remedies ; A Quarterly Retrospect of TherapetUics, etc)
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in no way be confounded with the chigoe which burrows in the skin
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nerve of common sensation the (justatory nerve ; and no difficulty in allowing
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size, far apart, and each guarded by a strong fascia,
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in Pittsburg and immediate vicinity. With one excep-
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ative)— promotes spread and penetration to less accessible nasal
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cumstances a radical cure of primary tuberculous cys-
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Ex. Gr. " It is a most powerful emetic and narcotic and invaluable
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boarded with Pellagrin 16 at 304 Forest Street, and in 1916 she was
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appear-to be an example of some other spinal affection. Charcot accounts
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scope of tlie work done by this well known pharmaceutical houae.
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That perfect recovery cannot take place at once, must be self evident to
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Fleischl instrument is possibly still more accurate, but too costly
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faradic current, are normal There is never any reaction
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deficiency of pepsin; it is rather brought on by the
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beings aside from the evidences of oral, gastro-intestinal, and renal irritation
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(iv.) Temperature. — In the mildest type of this illness there is prac-
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bean as an antidote to strychnia. The subject of opposing physiologi-
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Notwithstanding Gibson's advice, the American surgeons held back
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The bone-marrow becomes the seat of great activity. Its usual yellow
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* International Clinics^ vol. iv, 25th Scries, 1915, 15.
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The two extraneous factors most commonly and markedly affecting metabolic
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only in the rarest cases ; however, those who endure its