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be said to have latent epilepsy, for there was likely to be
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what we call scrofula, did nevertheless probably for the
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tonitis. — (M. Layronne. Lyon Medical^ Nov. 18, 1877. JO Union
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Case TII. J. S., Corporal, Maine Volunteers, American, single.
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It is probable that had Mr. Braid suggested other effects, the character
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tion failing to prove that he had opened the grave. On the
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After half an hour she quieted down, but it was some days before she was quite
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were fractured and twisted laterally, so that the nerve-roots, or
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houses solicited. Address all business communications to
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active exercise, riding on horseback, dancing, etc. A woman ought to
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with a marked diuresis nitrogen excretion might be but little increased
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3. The severity of the acute changes occurring in the kidney have
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in cattle. The disease, which was at first confined to the deer
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Do you want to know how to make the study of physiology
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herited hypermetropia came under my observation. The two Messrs. R.,
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this sort have multiplied and recently Professor Massei
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1. Larynx and traohea. Laryngoscope. 3. Chest : form, move-
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of a number of Advisory Committees to the Minister. That
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gien w celu leczenia znieksztalceii stopy wskutek poraie-
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ance company staffs. If it saves so much money, then we
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Committee be app'iinted to examine, and, as far as possible,
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Anamiia and enlarged Spleen. — In many cases of rickets there is no
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of natural history, with the same exactness as is done
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^if.,-. ^,1 •/? { Acids; acid salts; Alkalies, carbonates;
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spirit-drinking, late hours, and an irregular life generally, bad air, and
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in very small numbers, in stained preparations, and contirmed Schaudinn's
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tuberculosis. Notes of the case and a description of the opera-
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"down in her hips." The finding of the foetus and envelopes,
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ing to the pyramidal tracts, below. Thus the fibres in which impulses
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rule; the best possible cleansing of the hands from any infec-
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The allantoic arteries and veins, along with the remains of
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and that tetanus in such cases may be prevented by having
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investigation was carried out under the direction of the Prussian minister
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nacli Enucleation des primiir erkrankten Bulbus. Arch,
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Wassermann, and Malkoff. Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1899, No. 29, p. 638. —