friend will cease to recall the memory of pleasant hours spent with Dr.

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small bubbles of air may go in with an audible sound,

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knowledge there had been no pregnancy in either in-

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the fifty or more described species belonging to this genus, the foUoA^ing

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cites a case of vesical calculi, which were deposited, after the

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Notwithstanding the very slight solubility of iodine in water, when ad-

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the trigone. This abscess did not seem to communicate

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exposed to contagious diseases. Reports of this hos-

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your patients during the periods of greatest sickness

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sists in doing all in its power to better the conditions

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The patient, moreover, is in many cases liable to remissions, during which

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number of students being present, I took advantage of the

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splenectomy. No autopsy reports of such cases exist as yet. Of special

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May 28. To-day, after a thorough recto-vaginal examina-

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c.c. of glucose to be administered is added fifteen to sixty drops of

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ferred. The sulphate of magnesia or soda, the Rochelle salts, or the citrate

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briefly summarize what is actually required : First, a well

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in alkaline urines consist of amorphous phosphates of calcium and

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The peritoneum had been pushed awa}', and not lacerat-

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instances to establish a definite relationsliip be-

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than one-half the stomachic dose for males, and not

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tonsil may be sore for a day or two, it is not so sore

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propose attending the next session, the Board of Trustees have established a Female De-

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5 bacilli soon cease to move actively, run into clumps (which

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account. In the words of Holmes, "Science is a first-rate piece of

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to the fact long recognised, that the secretion is nomi-

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