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greater injury to the eye than gas even, and very much

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"The educated of all nations should not fail to encour-

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With regard to daraapcmlia as a remedy, Sigmund, Syme, and

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powerful help in the treatment of acute bronchitis and

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and dying bone. According to Dr. Atkinson, it does not act unhealthily

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scleritis, iritis, cataract, glaucoma, and hemorrhagic retinitis have been

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cases, of intra-cranial or intra-spinal diseases. On the other hand, the

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intestine should be kept outside and the suture watched,

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Opium is chiefly to be selected in recent Ciises, when constipation is

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Lord Lister. It is strongly felt that such a Memorial is required, not

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nephritis to progress so far that the renal lesion is severe before it

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breasts were hot and swollen, the right one secreting milk. The tem-

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Medical Department, late surgeon to Stanley's expe-

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* International Clinics^ vol. iv, 25th Scries, 1915, 15.

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How must he face the situation many times, not asleep, but eyes awake

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exaggeration of the pseudocrisis in such a way that the attack almost

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3. That I do not know the contents of the capsules sold by these

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portion in the hypertrophy see microphotograplis, Figs. G and 7).