grade on such a scale. In all cases the thermometer should

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William O. Cutllffe, captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., leave of

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graver grades of the disease, as evidenced by cramps,

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above-named subject, concludes that it is an infectious disease, the mode of

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derstand, in a moral point of view, the vast importance of regu-

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poison. For some years past Warburgh's tincture has been much used

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Tennent, G. S., Asheville, (Hon.) ; N. C. Med. Coll, 1894 1894 1898

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injected three or four times a day. The following may be tried :

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Walter Whitfield, Sr. , PonHac, Michigan, R. F. D. 6.

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at the end of one full year of the study of medicine and

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moderate counter-irritation, and an expectorant mix-

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to physicians ? Are the Mormons crazy or not ? We were invited, eight

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The determination of the nutritive requirements of the body for these

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to the ovary, which is grasped by the fimbriae, and through the

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further ascertained that sudden deaths were more frequent

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mouth — dissecting-off band after band from any portion

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palate and cheeks, become involved in patches of white canker,

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defend the eyes. The sulphuret. hydrarg. nigr. may be advantageously

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is single, or in which there is a distinct morning remission, or less