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absent more than a week from school from an unknown cause, a

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as of dense fibrine, and become more adherent as they are of

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consequence. If the affection is bilateral the serious after-effects are, of

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free of all severe pain, and of all pain if they will cooperate. A

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such cases perfect symmetry, and all parts of the body were seen

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ping and burning, to get rid of the tube. Not till I

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different lengths of time, as three, eight, &.c.

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London: Bailliere, Tindall & Cox. 1909. 8vo. Pp.

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that she seldom had to make a second visit. She had been

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parliamentary division of South Essex, and the por-

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sterile sheets, towels, perineal pads etc? the situation and thereby fool ourselves in-

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One observer claimed to have demonstrated in sections the continuity of

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You cannot see your patient's heart ; you have to infer its

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absurdity be abundantly proved. In the same manner woman

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only question is the question of diagnosis, and the diag-

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ganic elements, into which the solids are resolved in a first ana-

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such tonic spasm may persist to the agonal stage, and only then be relaxed.

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Measures in pharmacy are used for liquids only; they are ordi-

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ject, and which invested the so-called bursa pharyngea with

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pointed out that in less severe cases only flexion of the toes

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rapid increase and spread of the poison." " A quaran-

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0.3 to 0.5 gram per kilo of body weight into the circulation of dogs

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rometer, by which the effect of general treatment may

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attempts to speak quite volubly. He is generally pulled up

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But, so long as in modern text-books tuberculosis was defined as a disease

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and more severe, and is described as "burning, gnawing, and shooting" in

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osteoporosis. The investigation of causes of osteo-

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lives were thus saved were worth, for what they would earn thereafter

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brevity— enter the now fashionable theory of expansion,

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fresh plaster. Repeat this process for three or more days,

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intra- uterine excitor, and repeat the application every second

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siderable difficulty with the patient who presented a

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baum), Diplococcus lanceolatus capsulatus. Micrococcus of sputum

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Poor-law Board power to nominate a certain number of