the end of the period she had lost all use of them; and the hands
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points, like those used by saddlers, and then to pick the piles to
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a sudden and remarkable increase of mortality during the first years, and
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the patient's general health seems good, and he eats well. He
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up to 1900 had operated on 6 cases, with 50 per cent, of
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parent ; other parts, again, were intermediate between these conditions ; the matter
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bad, this disease also appeared to a considerable extent, and in
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nay, unheard of — that there should be a coincident disease of all the
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age of the tree, likewise as to its being gathered at the full or wane of the
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food. Therefore, if these improper duties are forced upon it,
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to be regarded, and as we rarely draw it from the best sources, I oannot counsel
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He was plump and hearty; he did not micturate very often,
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culty is encountered in morcellation, the vagina having been sepai^
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death in a large number of cases, and he thought it highly probable that
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shown by many oi)erators of this tyi)e of case. Again they show the
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wards" Dr Eattray of the Infirmary, was astonished to see smoke
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Castration; Diseases and Troubles Following !.!!!!!!!!!!!'! 172
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glands. The contents are bile-stained in the upper parts, and
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as remedies for the cure of constipation, have beeen recog-
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Poor-Law Medical Officers to subscribe to the funds
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therapeutic serums and other analogous products, pro-
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Mrs. Graily Hewitt ; Dr. ahd Mrs. C. D. F. Phillips, Misses
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nor can the amount of the hepatic dulness be accurately determined. The tongue
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chiefly consisted of that unequal distribution of blood which
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sistent impetiginised eczema of the scalp and ears, associated
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down with the lowering of barometric pressure. This also holds
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much constitutional disturbance — the other, the ultimate result of a long
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is hunted and trapped by Buriats, Mongols and Cossacks for the sake
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especially in Ireland, Scotland, and England. On the continent of Europe
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Amount of the sulphate of magnesia in solution, absorbed by the stomach in sixty-five
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The answer is that there are cases of chronic alcoholism with sluggish
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or malt and other nutrients may be added, as seems expedient.
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