the other abdominal viscera. Thus some forms of pancreatitis are to
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their results. The one gives twenty or thirty applications of a
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body on the iliac veins, cause an extensive oedema of the lower ex-
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These results showing that approximately 11 per cent of the dairies
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■ore abundant expectoration, nnd desires to have the cough loosened.
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vant, but that it is so in many cases, he was inclined
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of the nature of the disease, is it probable that a fatal result invari-
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as to continue the paralysis beyond the usual and natural
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children the dose is increased, and given in the same way. For adults,
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the power of speech, though he was still able to cry. It is said
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may be applied in the form of a plaster or in collodion.
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pect any disturbance of hemoglobin metabolism, the average
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last week) ; the extremely high pressure of 30.907 hav-
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to me that the size of the tumour was gradually diminishing, although she was
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across the blades is 8 J in. (82 cm.). The shanks part widely as in the
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was opened externally. From that date the ease has been
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suppression of urine. Her case is referred to later.
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bowel inclines to prolapse, owing to the length of mesentery,
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intestinal irritation might excite pain in the shoulder, and
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dilated with the conical end of the caustic pencil, and with its
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staining with gentian violet, and which he believes are
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Syphilitic Inflammation. — Manifestations of tertiary syphilis have
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that the first part of the lymph that comes from the
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air passages seemed to have been not quite complete, for the
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taking of food. Deprived of this means of forcing unsuitable, and
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6. Parker, F. and Haigh, A. V. R. — Sachs-Georgi Test for Syphilis.
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from the diplococcus by a clear area of capsular substance which
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service required to entitle him to the rank of captain, but that after
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cases. In none of these 60 cases is the discrepancy very great.
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which contribute to fatty growth, and by various diseases. In obesity or
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