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made evident to the meanest capacity, that no man is fit to practise
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" Smallpox, employed as a preventive, only secures the individual bj
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the frequency of haemoptysis in persons with crooked spines ; in
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Morton. Of 111 cases of IWwtomy (105 males, 6 females), 90
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Russia, as Dr. H. makes evident by collating Richter's account of the
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[The so-called " enrichment method " of treatment with antiformin promises to
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physician of more competent service from the pharmacist, and of a bet-
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Angina. — A variety of morbid conditions secondary
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this case the operation had been done under circumstances as favorable as were
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High Altitudes. — The factors that go to make up the characteristic
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stances the oxids of nitrogen are given off, and these are irri-
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and a sense of stiffness about the joints. There is frequently a
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but required to do so, industrial lead poisoning would largely disappear.
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There is one circumstance which is so exceedingly frequent as
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Baglivi, Lancisi, and others of the masters of physic who flourished
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day when the profession will take up the study of grip, and ferret
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to what extent, especially if operation is under consideration, we should
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this may be the reason why a kidney can produce vast numbers of such casts
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' Vide Oertel iu Ziemsseu's Cyclopsedia, Am. ed., vol. i.
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barrels of salt are manufactured yearly, and it is made by saw-
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The dose is one tea-spoonfull, repeated three or four times a day.
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Dr. Charles F. Btillman, formerly of this city, is now
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the effects of the medicinal dose of many drugs on the healthy
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reply to the objection that the operation must have originated
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the rather meagre statistics on which, as yet, theories
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:' -'^ -'"^'^^"'^ |M,.Jiur,. ..;.J „- -p.u,,!,.,,l miMn.u in .,,u-,ii, in,,,,,,
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we have shown that IGF-I might be useful in the treatment
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tion, in Denver, on "The Surgery of the Lungs, ' in