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rise of 24 mg. per cent above the preinjection level. A

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villi of the chorion developing permanently in the decidua sero-

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days later a still larger amount is injected. The reaction following

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femoral vessels. A localised parametritis usually ends in resolution, but

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the bromides only at night, using a combination of 20 grains of sodium

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first used for this purpose by R. J. Levis,^ of Philadel-

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to have it, as mitigating the severity and shortening the dura-

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dermatology have articles on this condition while internists have

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quent symptom ; but the spleen, mesentery, and other portions are

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usefulness of medical science over the domain of our common country.

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Dr. I. Hays — Dear Sir : When Professor Eve, of Augusta,

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nature, and that it thus affords them an opportunity of giving

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agent for diphtheria, surpassing in efficacy all other known

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of the arc. The function of the former is therefore shared

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that, whenever possible, a twenty-four hour specimen should be

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elsewhere, and at least two Congresses, the last at Paris

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till completely mixed. Two tablespoonfuls of water may be