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(Figure 2). The overall median survival was 12 months

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the development of a perforation from the pleural cavity into a bronchus

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facturer ; Thornton K. Lathrop, of Beverly, lawyer ; Hi-

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Remedy. — Solution acetate ammonium, 4 fluid ounces;

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tions to continue taking the arsenic and to use the rectal injection once a

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leagues have found that the pulse-pressure may have a greater sig-

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and they shall be so satisfied before communicating the appoint-

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traction. We have also the Jones humerus traction splint, the

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cines and medicinal preparations, to fix, in the highest part of his shop, a

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Care to the Medically Needy also addressed the problem of

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worse condition, has followed. Here, again, I believe^

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to the existing disease, proceed from defective assimilation.

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works of the city and the collection and enforcement of rates. They

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the inner surface between the insertion of the tendon of the subscapularis

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all difficulties. I can apply the electric light as long

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begins as pulpy degeneration and ulceration of cartilage,

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and the value of securing the confidence of our patients,

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Advertisements for this column must be received by the 15th of the month preceding month of issue. A charge

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efpecSlti ref™ ft £e Diseases of the Internal Organs of the Body, which most

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this in Fig. 1, where a indicates the vertical centre of the

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follows: Dr. Howell, President; Drs. Merritt, Leitch, Thompson

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Ements on o • T 8ltl °" f ? m Spasm t0 r 'W d[t y 5 alld 1 have ^ticed, in

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3. — Four problems have been experimentally investigated

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Let us then refuse to add to the dangers of puerperal

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the haptomonad forms are restricted to the intestine apparently.

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It is prepared as follows, and has a most agreeable taste: — Take

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