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and one must search for other evidence of previous bronchial gland
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Tuson:— "To Richard V. Tuson, Esq, F.C.S., Professor of
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going through the columns of the Record, treat the sub-
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morphia causes respiration, and that this eupnoeic action is
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use of hypodermic injections of morphia. The right cheek was plastered
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considerable local distress and impairment of the general health. Because
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herself over her face. When it drops, pass the needle.
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not get a good view of the fauces, and could not judge of the
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is enormous in size. The galeopithecus and koala, like
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Director Bureau of Medical Inspection of Schools — Dr. G. M. Cooper, Raleigh
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is not due to any general expansion of the skull such as occurs in hydro-
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regularly passed whilst cohabiting, and ceased during sexual abstinence. He
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of some important organ; the chest, carefully explored, resounded
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members of the profession, both at home and abroad. If further
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verely reduced, teaching hospitals are cutting residency
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Unless special indications arise, no vaginal douches
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years had charge of the aural department at a large hospital, and
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Koch should keep rigidly to himself the secret of his formula
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benefit. The combination of Bromide and Belladonna, as in the
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macopceial tests are iodide of cyanogen, an occasional impurity sometimes
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from the soles of the feet to the middle of the calves. There wa
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formerly there was a good deal of medical, local and
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sitiveness can occur. Furthermore, in serum disease hypersensitiveness
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course, care must be exercised in eliminating such cases as have
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of scrofula, lumbar abscess, spinal disease, white swelling, and kindred
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of a malignant nature, in addition to the internal administra-
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the following museums on a tour sponsored by SmithKline Corporation subsidiaries in the countries
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Various treatments, including exposures to X-rays, had been
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Year-book will be found to be an improve- < children of the upper class annually die in
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two weeks after the maternal infection and to take place at about the