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what more grave by the presence of certain complications, particularly intestinal

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concilable with the ordinary effects of homicidal strangulation. Tardieu met

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or trachea. However, we shall dwell no farther on this sub-

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I wish now to describe this process — based on the

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Symptoms. — These come on gradually with loss of vigor, flesh, and

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The apparatus intended for the upper extremities consists of two oblong

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tinue to produce disagreeable or dangerous symptoms until it

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through the anterior extremity of the middle turbinate.

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abnormal reaction to be an anaphylactic phenomenon.

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or, according to Rindfleisch, they are composed of an homogeneous

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seem that a more effective substitute had been devised. It was

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tory exudation, and limiting the question of diagnosis to the first stage.

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the same degree as the loss of blood and the paleness of the skin proceed, these

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' On these, and quite a number of other cases, I have

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Such sudden deaths were presumed to be caused by either an

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occasioned by a diminished supply of blood, and that blood of bad

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slackness during diastole is very considerably owing to the

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this case there was a relative increase in the lympho-