Recently Zayn Malik has been heading to the studio quite often and posting about it via Twitter, fans are getting very eager to find out what is really going on ?

After #zaughty broke out on Twitter with an ugly argument , directioners were over the moon , already printing out Malik’s tweet to NaughtyBoy ; ” @NaughtyBoyMusic you fat joke stop pretending we’re friends no one knows you ” .

It was shortly after #zaughtyisover when syco declined rumours that Zayn left the company, instead Zayn is still under the syco contract. Not only that Zayn has been recently seen at One Direction’s recent concert told by fans & snapped by the paparazzi. 

After Zayn also tweeted this ;  

  Directioners were shocked an over the moon AGAIN. Where as some Directoners and were hoping not to see Malik’s face again at any concerts.