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sometimes only loosely attached to the mucous membrane, so that it can be

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obstruction to drainage and the retention of the products

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with altered staining reactions. In the peripheral nerves, neuritis has been

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treatment.] Halsoviinneu, Stockholm, 1900, xv, 45-47. —

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Calcium Carbonate. — Horses, 1 to 2 oz.; cattle, 2 to

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the Filtration Plant on Toronto Island. A large section of the

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remaining but an outside not thicker than an egg-shell.

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function." Ewing 2 defines a tumour as " an autonomous new-

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dollars for a few pebbles which he took from an ancient river

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to travel about actively. When moving about they roll on their

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The heels of the horseshoe may be tilted up by means of a

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be united in one great body, measured by the same standard, governed

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Dr. Van Slyck : Repeated tappings may sometimes result in complete recovery.

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for infants, the latter often suffer from dyspepsia when the cows are first